The Photoboof Takes to the Streets!

The Boof is out and about doing its part for the Occupy Wall Street movement. If you occuped the Boof and are looking for your pics, put your code thingy here:



Past Events:

4/21/12: Night Market!

9/30/11: Oh ok, I'll start posting events here again. Pics from Chicken John's book release party are up.

10/16/10: Nimby Fundraiser

10/10/10: Burning Man Decompression

9/15/10: Burning Man 2010!

6/19/10: Burning Man Precompression

4/3/10: Bunny Jam 2010

3/7/10: The Burnal Equinox, half way to next year's burn.

3/6/10: Defenestration Benefit

12/31/09: New Year's Eve at the Cabana

10/17/09: Charlito Incognito, parked on Haight Street one night enjoying the randomness of it all.

Archived Events


What the Hell?

The Photoboof is a photobooth built onto the back of an old meter maid buggy. It's still fully mobile, though it sputters alot. It loves going to parties in the San Francisco Bay Area, and makes an annual trip to Burning Man, janky trailer willing. Want to see some pictures of it being built?

And if you're trying to contact someone, is a good place to start.















































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