The Photoboof @ Burning Man 2007

If all is well in the universe you should see a bunch of faces dancing around above, the 3844 pictures (that's 961 strips, yes the Boof's dusty printer is very tired) taken by The Photoboof at Burning Man this year. Actually I edited a few out, let me know if you want me to edit yours out too. Remember our motto: whatever happens on the playa stays on the playa, unless it happened in the Photoboof.

Note that you can click any picture to see its 4 picture strip, and you can use the form below to customize the view, including showing only a specific day. Because we're snazzy like that.

And if you took any pictures of the Boof itself, please send them over, I didn't take many pictures this year.

How many rows of pictures?
How many pictures per row?
How wide is each pic?
Show which days?

More Boofy Goodness:

A giant mosaic of the Burning Man logo made from this year's Boof pictures, in handy dandy print-yer-own-poster format. Print a 5 foot wide poster of Photoboof pictures from BM07 using any ol printer. Every modern office cubicle should have one of these on its wall, and definitely send me a picture if yours does.

A movie of all the boofers in exciting stop motion format.

And if you'd like you can browse the boof archives strip by strip.

And here's some pics of the Boof in action this year.














































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