Back from Burning Man, and after 4 years it still doesn't suck driving around Black Rock City in a mobile photobooth... If you just want to jump right into the pictures, here's the Dancing Faces interface, and here's the strip-by-strip interface.

This year the Boof tagged every picture with GPS coordinates, which means I can do coolio things like make an animation showing each picture's location plotted on a google map. This is definitely experimental, feel free to let me know how it works for you. [UPDATE: as of September 28 this is now fixed, and you can skip to specific days]. And for the geeks in the audience, I used a Wintec WBT-200 tracking GPS, communicating with my puter via Python, let me know if you want my script. And big thanks to William Keller for posting his excellent gps map of Black Rock City this year.

People always say to me "I didn't see the Boof at all this year, where were you?" Now I can answer definitively with this graph of where the Boof took each of its 958 strips this year:

Another coolio application of the GPS stuff is when you click a picture on the Dancing Faces interface. As before a window pops up showing the strip that the picture came from, but now if you scroll down you'll see the picture's location plotted on a map and, hallelujia, the time that the picture was taken.

And then there's the Paul Addis mosaic I made from the Boof's Burning Man 2007 pictures. I printed it across the back of the Boof mostly to spark discussion about Paul, and to try to correct some of the bad information floating around. I think it's important that people know that there was nobody under the man when Paul burned it (he and some friends cleared everyone out), and that the Grace Cathedral charges were total nonesense and were immediately thrown out of court. This was a surprisingly hard thing to talk about on the playa, people start shouting "but but but... he burned art!" and all that, to which I say fine, ban him from Burning Man, shun him, but don't put him in jail for 4 years and fine him $25,000. Sheesh. Ok, there, I said it, we can move on now.

I uploaded the mosaic in large and humungo sizes if anyone wants to print it out. And if you like these mosaics, you might also like the Burning Man logo mosaic I made last year, in handy dandy print-yer-own-poster format.

By far my favorite new Boof feature is the projections. I mounted a super bright projector on the roof of the Boof and was able to project boofuses onto all the various domes around the city, especially the giant drive-in movie sized dome at 10:00 and Esplenade. And I loved projecting straight onto the playa. If you have any pictures of the projections or the Boof in general, please email them over since I didn't bring a camera this year. Here's a few taken by Amy Carr. For perspective, the projections are from the roof of the Boof onto the ground:


Here's some pics from Justin Credible. Paul may be in jail for an absurdly long time, but that doesn't mean he can't have any fun:

Paul and I having a little heart to heart.


This is shortly before the BLM gave us a $275 ticket for towing The Barnacle. Thanks BLM! I agree completely, a rolling dolly is indeed one of the most dangerous things at Burning Man. Thanks for pointing that out.

That ass could hurt someone!


These people appear to be disobeying the "please do not form an orderly line" sign...

Some pics from Maxime:

I heart this picture.

Luckily the Paul mosaic sometimes inspired more than just arguments...

I think someone said we had 17 people in and on the Boof when driving out to the burn... And believe it or not I couldn't hardly feel the weight, even driving across all that loose sand. Viva Les Cushmen!















































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