Hallelujia, the Photoboof made it through another year of Burning Man without burning down. That's 6 years of being the best "toy for adults" on the playa that doesn't vibrate. It took 6660 pictures (1665 4-picture strips) and hardly complained at all about the dust. Thank god for air compressors and my ever trusty trick of cleaning the printer heads with whiskey.

If you have a strip in your hands right now, you may or may not know that the numbers at the bottom are the GPS coordinates of where the Photoboof took your pictures. Type them below to find your strip. My robot is pretty forgiving about the format, but make sure to separate the latitude and longitude (the two sets of numbers) with a space or a comma.

Your GPS coordinates:

Dancing Faces. All the pictures, dancing around the page. Click a face to see the full strip and the position of the Boof when it took that picture, which also lets you do snazzy things like share to Facebook. Always my favorite way to look at all the pictures.

Strip by Strip. Browse the strips one by one. They start out with everyone having a green halo because the desert made working on gizmos so difficult, but eventually I got around to tuning the camera.

Mapping Animation. Here you can see each of the 6660 pictures frame-by-frame as their locations are plotted on a Google map. Hard to explain, but can be kind of interesting to see the Boof meandering around the playa in real time.

And in answer to the inevitable question of where the Boof was this year, here's a map of where it took each picture. Pretty easy to see I was camped at 6:30 and Athens, but bonus points if you can spot the movie theater...

Do you have any pictures of the Boof in action? If so, send them over, would love to see and, if you don't mind, add them to this page.

Some pics from Maxime:

Projecting from the roof of the Boof:

The images appearing on the playa surface:

I'm a nimrod and didn't get any pictures of us projecting onto the various huge domes this year, so pardon me while I recycle a couple from last year:

It's hard to tell the scale from this pic, but those domes are at least 100 feet tall.

I like this picture, I look like I'm trying to sell a used photoboof:

This picture really gives me the feel of Burning Man. One week is definitely not enough.

Back at camp. From the look on Justin's face you can tell she obviously just stenciled something.


What's that suspcious looking thing in the thriftshop briefcase? I'm glad you asked! Its a little magiggy I built that tunes into radio communications from around the playa like the ubiquitous talkabouts and the ranger and police chatter, then blends it all into a big audio mush with effects and loops. Super fun to leave running, and really trippy in the desert heat. Here's an hour or so of it recorded on Soundcloud, and if that link doesn't work here's a download link.



















































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